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          A workbench, or workstation, is a convenient surface for workers to put together components, perform repairs, and conduct other important functions of their job. By lifting things up to waist level, workbenches help to avoid injuries caused by strain and make regular tasks more comfortable. Workbenches for industrial workplaces are usually made of steel or another metal because they must be durable and strong. Read More…

          Work Bench
          A workbench, or workstation, is a convenient surface for workers to put together components, perform repairs, and conduct other important functions of their job. By lifting things up to waist level, workbenches help to avoid injuries caused by strain and make regular tasks more comfortable.
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          Brea, CA  |  714-990-8997

          IAC Industries offers a wide variety of laboratory and cleanroom work benches, seating, shelving, tables, and more. Our sole mission is to improve the organization, function and atmosphere of our customers` production and assembly work areas.

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          IAC Industries $$$

          Milpitas, CA  |  877-483-5733

          Our workbenches come in a variety of styles including ergonomic height adjustable, chemical resistant, ball transfer surface, computer stations, laminar flow stations and more.

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          RDM Industrial Products Inc. $$$

          Haverhill, MA  |  800-739-9067

          As a workstation manufacturer, Pro-Line offers industrial furnishing that increases employee productivity through creating an improved employee work environment.

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          Pro-Line $$$

          Tecate, CA  |  626-321-8219

          BenchPro, Inc.? manufactures complete line of America's finest workbench; everything from economy to premium designs for military, aerospace, cleanroom laboratory, universities, and electronic assembly.

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          BenchPro, Inc. $$$

          College Point, NY  |  800-663-3412

          AFC Industries manufactures top-of-the-line workstations, computer furniture, trading desks, racking systems and carts for a wide range of applications. Among our product offerings are ergonomic workstations, three different lines of carts, as well as LAN management systems. All our manufacturing is done on our premises and held to rigorous quality control.

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          AFC Industries, Inc. $$$
          placeholder image IAC IndustriesRDM Industrial Products Inc.Pro-LineBenchPro, Inc.AFC Industries, Inc.

          One example is a packaging table; a unit that gives workers a place to prepare packages for shipment without having to lift of push heavy objects. Another type of workstation, a modular workstation, is built with adjustable shelving and bins to help organize the workspace.

          In offices or industrial complexes that use computers, workstations are equipped with CPU holders to keep the computers in place and safely out of the way. The primary benefit of an ergonomic workstation or workbench is that it helps a worker adapt the environment to his or her physical needs, rather than having to adapt to the limits of the environment and risk injury.

          Workbenches that are built to be adjustable can be modified to meet the needs of employees of various heights. In many cases, the height of not only the workbenches but also desks, chairs and even drawers or cabinet can be altered to suit the user. Some workbenches have interlocking components that can be rearranged as necessary. In a busy setting, it may be more convenient to have quick access to overhead shelves, where in another place the tools or items on the shelf may only need to be accessed occasionally. Modular workbenches exist to reflect situations like these.

          Industrial Work Benches
          Industrial Work Benches – IAC Industries

          Distributors and manufacturers alike often talk about workstations and workbenches as if they were the exact same thing, but they do technically have two different meanings. “Workstations”, in industrial circles, refers specifically to assembly tables, chairs, storage benches, racks, laminar flow benches, cleanroom work benches, and office tables. Although “workbench” often refers to these very same items, it is meant to refer directly to assembly tables, storage tables, and lab work tables. It focuses on work surface areas instead of entire units with furniture, like shelving and storage.

          “Workstations” in the broader commercial and manufacturing communities generally refers to either a) office, IT, home or school workplace furniture and computer work stations, CPU holders and furniture or b) computers and computer systems which provide a software “work station” for IT administrators.

          To be clear, “Workbenches”, refers to equipment used in industrial manufacturing, with perhaps the general exception of woodworking and hobbyists’ workbenches, which are understandably related to industrial workbenches. Most workbenches are designed to include shelves reels and other components that make it easier to assemble parts.


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